20+ Creative Ways to Use Binder Clips

There are many ways to be more creative and use things differently than their common uses. When it comes to binder clips, they’re not just used to link books and papers together. They are actually more versatile than you expect and are surprisingly useful in many areas around your home. Here, we have collected more than 20 creative ways to use linker clips. You can now use a clip on the toothpaste tube to tighten the toothpaste. You can also use them as cable organizers, money clips, picture holders and more. You will be amazed by the various uses that people make for their magic skin clips. I’m sure you can use some or all of these great skin clip hackers in your everyday life. Check them out and learn how skin clips can make your life easier!

8. Use a connector clip to keep your earbuds tangled and tidy. Learn more in a variety of ways Learn more at Enjoyer of Grace Learn more on YouTube 11. Make a headphone holder by passing a rubber band around the two metal clamps and fixing the binding clip to the wall Find more details on Pinterest 12 . Use the connector clips to arrange and hold the matching napkins together. Learn more details at Better Homes and Gardens 13th. Attach the connector clips into a travel bag for editing. View more accessories at Brit + Co The Budget Savvy Bride