25 DIY Yarn Wall hangings

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25 DIY Yarn Wall hangings
all the rage in today’s Wall with yarn made in the neck, and rightly so … they add some serious bohemian charm to any space and they probably yarn scraps laying around you can use all that much. Yarn favorite DIY wall hangings made of scrap Continue reading to 25 controls.
1. Stitched Embroidery Wall Hanging
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This colored wall hanging Vibe that many organic free-form data types in a random manner and stitched made different yarn full of scrap. And a great way to get rid of the rest of this thread! Lebenslustig s from the control instructive.
2. Fringe Wall Hanging
This simple copper brown patterns along the main side wall, a side for six cream colored yarn. And that will not believe how easy it is to make one! Head on over to the DIY for plotted to learn all the details of this nifty little piece.
3. Mop Head Wall Hanging
This textured wooden beads and a pair of wall hanger is made with some mini pom poms with opposite thread colors. The key is to layer the different shapes and lengths from each other. Make a tutorial on controlling the Cuckoo 4 Design your way.
4. Hanging Wall Wreath
It has a similar shape to a unique form of holiday wreath hanging wreaths forming wall and this includes round-shaped and is carried out with bulky yarn fabric. Add a large pom pom for a finishing touch! Scouts Are we all see how the water.
5. Mini Wall Weaving
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This is no nook or cranny of your color weaving tiny home is a great way to add a pop. And all this should make a piece of cardboard and some yarn! Full tutorial to control the way through to Delineate Your Dwelling.
6. Pom Yarn Wall Hanging
This odd side wall made with a hanging thread, but this time the focus is within pom poms. Choose three colors of yarn and helpful instructions on using Brepurposed also start making pom poms. Hang them from a stick, and ended up hanging wall!
7. Non-Woven Wall Hanging
Yes, it is woven wall hanging … but no, you do not have to do it yourself texture! Key to grab an accent rug weaving and turning them into a beautiful full fringe hanging on the wall of the well is to use. Make your way over here to check out the full tutorial.
8. Simple Fringe Wall Hanging
This is actually one of the easiest to make beautiful piece, is through a simple process to create fringe. These long, and along the bottom cut in a unique way – Chain to gain some serious personality. Head over to check out the how-to Pretty Fix.
9. Bottom Painted Wall Hanging Tassels
That’s why tufted bottom was painted bright white thread that is saturated with colorful wall hanging made with color. And here’s the best part – they are painted with Cool Aid! Lolly Jane instructions to check all water from.
10. Double Rings Wall Hanging
This is a beautiful wall hanging else that requires only a simple fringe to make a simple technique, but here is the key to thrum of different sizes to buy two metal rings. Oh Homey on to find out all the details on My Head.
Circular wall 11. Hanging
These yarns are unique in a ring around the wall hanging is connected all the way to the eaves, and then is hung on the shape of the vertical wall forms fringes much lower semicircle. Make your way through the tutorial to control and Disaster Gypsum.
12. Giant Pom Wall Art
This fragment and pom poms fringe is made by a combination, but this time pom poms quite large and many different yarns made with a vivid color, creating a multicolored effect. We have to learn how to create yourself head on over Scout Area.
13. Dowel Bar Wall Art
These unique pieces are made with short pieces of wooden dowel rods which are criss-crossed and then create a beautiful diamond-shaped wall hangings woven yarn around and around. To check the tutorial on the way to the Persian Lou.
14. Gold Dipped Fringe Hanging
This cool gold metallic spray paint after hanging wall with the lower part is made with spray cream colored yarn dyed throughout. Colored beads are added for color father. Head over to check out the full tutorial to + Oleander on the Palm.
15 All Black Tassel Hanging
This unique piece is made with all black – black upper part of the yarn, beads and even dowel bars are black. And strategic placement of each tuft very regularly, gives a geometric view. To find out all the details Homey Oh My Make your way through.
16. Color Weaving
Now, for some color … This wall hanging woven using a basic bench and then added in a lot of different areas tassel-shaped parts. Be sure to use contrasting colors to achieve this effect live. Check out the full tutorial on Beauty Collection.
17. Mini Circular Wall Hanging Kit
This set of three miniature wall hangings in three contrasting colors, it looks great hanging up he staggered as shown above. Creating a circular shape and not as hard as you can imagine! Pretty Head on over to Fix them to learn to make your own.
The transverse walls 18 Hanging
This diagonal lines through which large parts and would have the effect of bold bright colors for large blank wall. very simple to deliver, but on the whole this is a bit of patience to get fringe. Check out the tutorial on Two Thirty-Five Designs.
19. Circular Pom Wall Art
This stunning part of creating lots and lots of pom poms into yarn made with tons of leftovers. Then, it is arranged in a circular shape by bonding a timber liner. Head on over to learn all the details of Sugar and fabric.
20. Shaggy Wall Hanging
If messy, if you look more into organic species, then you can be sure to love this fucking hanging on the wall. This is done using a simple machine, but in fact all of the ends are left unregulated fun to create this effect. Make way for The Loom to find more information.
21. Macrame Garland
This part can do it as long as you want it to become a good solution for a large blank wall or an oddly shaped space because it is fun. And the process really simple! A Beautiful Mess head on over to learn all the details about this fun project.
Woven mats 22
This beautiful bohemian style made a mop literally part of the word and find it in your backyard is strung on a stick. Talk about a great example of recycling! This part of himself again on your way to learn how to do the Nesting Place.
23. Tiered Chevron Wall Hanging
This is a nice eye-catching piece arranged one above the other to form a zigzag manner, and then the final product is made by a series of tufted layer. Go on this colorful wall Mollie Makes him to learn all the details about hanging.
24. Mini Macrame Wall Hanging
This is part of a technique called macrame, was very popular in the 1970s and after about 90 tissue created from nothing came back as friendship bracelets. Diary is on the way to the hall to find out how this piece.
25. Flower Wall Hanging
This beautiful wreath will add some serious pizzazz style wall hanging on the wall of El elegant but giving a bohemian feel, yarn and done a handful of flowers elements. Love on Top Design Festa on to find out all the details.
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Macrame Feather Bag Jewelry


How to make macrame feather bag charms


  • macrame yarn
  • sharp scissors
  • wood beads
  • comb


I’ve grown quite a lot of my bag jewelry because I want to make a statement and I love them that way. Remember, my tassels are all pretty big. It’s just the way I like it. If it’s not your job, then you can definitely make them smaller.

I started using a piece of macrame yarn about 20 inches long. Fold it in half and place it on a clean surface as shown below.

You also need two pieces of yarn that are 8 inches long and folded in half.

One of the short sequences should be placed under the longer track as shown in the photo below. You can see the entire stream in my video above.

Place the other short rope on top and pass the ends over the tops. This is actually called a square node.

Pull all of them firmly and push the knot into the desired area so that the ends are the same length.


Then knot the base / end of the long string so that the square node can shift from the bottom.

After that you need to keep stacking square knots to get the length you want.

I made my feathers 10 to 12 inches long.

After completing the stacking of the square nodes, you need to remove and scan the macrame thread.

I like to do this part while watching a Netflix show. It calms me down. I know… Weird im

After going all over the macrame feather, you should end up with something you see below.

Now it’s time for a haircut to give a feather shape for wallet jewelry.

Finally you can slip a wooden bead on the end of the rope.

And here you have a very large macrame bag hammer.