29+ Clever Plastic Bottle Vertical Gardening Ideas

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Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies and has been such a source of happiness in the last six years. That’s right, six years have passed since I put my first container garden on my second floor apartment. I was determined to make it work even if there were a few herbs, lettuce, peas, peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Unfortunately, almost completely failed. I planted too many plants in the same pot. Lettuce was a terrible pain. In both Chilean and cherry tomatoes, the flowers decay (later). Only peas that year were a success. I started to feel defeated, but I turned my failures into class and continued to be more successful every year.

Master, I can’t say I’m a gardener, but I work hard to be. I talked to experienced gardeners. I have read online forums and research articles. I spoke to local gardeners. And I keep trying and planting. I can’t call myself an expert yet, but I’m going there. I hope you find my advice useful and you can cope with your own knowledge. Sometimes I think gardening is a team sport!

Now, return to the specific topics of this article: Container Gardening. Now I don’t live in an apartment on the second floor, but I still rely on containers to expand my growth area – and I love the way the car covers the back of the road.

It’s amazing how you grew up in a pot! Containers can pay much attention to a landscaped garden, make apartment entrances more beautiful and do something full of joy in the interiors.

As you can imagine, the extensive knowledge of container gardening is more than I can fit into this article. So consider it as an overview. To begin, we will discuss preparations, planting principles and various tips.

Bonus: The information in this post is valid both for vegetable potted gardens and for decorative ones (sometimes gardens can be both!). Also applies to inner gardens.


The first step is to make plans. This may be the first time you can think of a container yard or you may be planning it since last October. However, in any case, it’s not too late to start!

Secret 1: Ask yourself a few questions about your container garden.

– What do you want with bread? What kind of rough or rough will you need?

– When will you plant it? (Adopted, the answer is: Last minute!)

– Where is your container garden – indoor, outdoor, patio, deck, porch? Where do you live? Will your climate affect the cultivation? Dry and dry? Is it humid?

– Why do you want to plant this garden? Can you cook with growing plants and vegetables? Is it part of your outdoor decor?

– How often to water? (Again, think about your climate. Think about your busy lifestyle – how much time do you spend on watering?) How will your garden participate in your summer holiday program?

I always start to decide what to eat. This year I decided to plant three kinds of cucumber, Serrano chile, a few small tomatoes (yellow pears, grapes and cherries), rosemary, thyme, two kinds of mint, four kinds of basil, chamomile, lettuce and potatoes.

There are many plants that go well in potted gardens such as carrots, strawberries, edible flowers, onions, eggplants and peppers. In fact, if the pot is deep enough, you can theoretically put almost anything into a container.

Make a list, do some research, ask questions and plan your space. Remember that seedlings are much smaller than adult plants, so you will need more space than you think (ie a larger container). Thanks to experience and extreme plant cultivation you know!