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Top 20 DIY Sites on the Internet
Saturday, February 26th, 2011, 6:06 pm by Site Manager

DIY offers a great way to take personal projects and make your own business. Although DIY focuses primarily on home improvement, DIY ethics is spreading to art, technology and much more. Check out these categories and more on our list of precise DIY sites where you’ll be inspired to do something and get inspired.


These sites offer great ways to apply the DIY principle to everyday life.

Lifehackery: Examine the Lifehackery to turn everyday objects into useful things.
Plan Yourself: This community likes to take productivity into their own hands.
Productivity 101: Increase your personal productivity by using hints and tools on this site.
Provocative Blog: Improve your ideas with this blog.
43 Folders: Created by Merlin Mann, this blog focuses on organization, productivity and what needs to be done.
Life Optimizer: Be more successful and productive with this site.
Lifehacker: The Lifehacker blog offers numerous technologies and productivity hijackers designed to make your life easier.
Ririan Project: Take a look at this personal development blog to learn how to apply DIY principles to your life.
Stupid Little Man: Here you will find many hints for productivity, projects, stamina and more.
Awesome Target !: Find tips for great personal development on this site.
FlyLady: For housewives, FlyLady aims to help you control your home.
Business Hackers: Here you will find a lot of information about how you can handle things quickly.
LifeDev: Adopt a DIY approach to life development using this site.
For the next 45 Years: Visit the Future 45 to learn about the Life Hazard for the future.
HackCollege: HackCollege includes all the cuts a college student might want to know about bec college drinking games to study their skills Hack.
Be Slowly Rich: JD, Slow Get Rich Slowly offers many great ideas and suggestions for DIY attitude.
Optimizing Life: Use the tips on this site to get the most out of your life.
Frugal Hacks: This site turns DIY into a sense of attitude.
Zen Habits: Cut your life with this site.
LifeClever: This site helps you organize your work space or just find cheap gas.
Mind Hacks: Take a look at what’s happening in mind and go to the next level with this site.
Completed: Learn to quit typing with this highly useful blog.
Wise Bread: Follow this site for great tips on making fruit.
We use hints on this site to create life as a business owner: Plan Hacks.
Christian Lifehacking: In this blog we have annoying tips and tools for Christianity.
Lifehack: Lifehack’s publications focus on organization, inspiration and productivity.
Study Hacks: This site offers frustrating advice.