All paints belong to Sherwin Williams. Siding – SW 7014 Eider White .; Tongue and Grooved Ceiling – SW 6224 M …

All paints belong to Sherwin Williams. Siding – SW 7014 Eider White .; Tongue and Grooved Ceiling – SW 6224 Mountain Air; Clipping – SW 6252 Ice Cube; Front Door – True Black. Properly built by Mike Stevens Homes, this corner is a very Southern inspired modern farmhouse, with appeal appeal and inspiring design ideas.
Here, the builder shares more information about this project:
Ev This house was one of our favorites for the last few years and was one of our Parades for 2018. Customers had us a catchy style and great inspiration photos, but it was our job as a design / start up a company to get their ideas and make them come true. The styles kidnapped Southern Charm and we all worked hard to tie the inside and outside of the house. The 2-storey portal offers spectacular views of the Smoky Mountains and will also look at a pool we designed for them (to be added at a later date). Our staff architect did an amazing job of finalizing the house plans, but we had the chance to work with Paige Stephens, a local interior designer. When we needed it, the staff did a great job working with our decorator to help us decide, helping us guide the customer through the selection process. It really helped our customers grow their styles and choose coatings that perfectly connect the whole house. It helped them blend the unique details of their lives with the special features of the home with a story behind it. In addition to making home-related decisions, he has worked with our customers to provide home with largely locally sourced furniture and decorations. As we mentioned before, this was really a fun project where we really knew the family, we designed the perfect homeplan with them, we worked with a great local interior designer and decor stylist, and we worked together to build a unique structure. nice house. We are very pleased with the results. ”
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