Blue In My Room: Vintage Pill Tin Necklaces

In my Blue Room: Vintage Pill Tin Necklaces Saturday, 21 May 2011Vintage Pill Tin Necklaces are OK, so I have a little ebay problem. I like to take things by mail, I like to follow my treasures while wandering through the country. I like to rush to the front door with a sweet expectation and I’ll finally open a package like Christmas morning. Who needs drugs in your Fedex? However, I’ve been watching “Stackers” and put some limits so things don’t get out of control. One of these limits I’ve set for myself, when I buy a lot of stuff with the intention of doing something, I have to do something before I buy more. The subject matter of the discussion is; Rosebowl I was in Piraeus and I saw these little medicine boxes and fell in love. I wanted too much for her ($ 12 for a pill?) And I thought that … EBAY! And I’m starting to bid enough and I’m obsessed with offering a quick offer and researching small boxes! I finally got a few points and that was the only thing I hoped when they came! And now I want more! But unfortunately, my own small “border” came into play, I have to do something with the things I have. So today I just did it. Here are my results. I like to do these things, they’re like little artifacts on the necklace. {As far as I like} {I used Tylers dremel to pierce holes} {I’ve used some buttons too!} {This little bike is my favorite, wait I said already! Ok my second favorite!} {I put some old bicycle paper in it} There are 3 more tins I need to go, but my chain is finished. They were so much fun to do. I think this could be a workshop. But you have to bring your own can, no way to leave me! LOL!