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Bringing macromeles of the 20th century here and now

I have to admit that until recently, the list of things I want to hang on my macrame walls will be at the end – when I grew up, it brought back memories of the moldy brown pieces I found in dozens of thrift stores. A particular macrame find – an owl made of twine – comes to mind. However, if you take the time to them, as proof that the flavors and trends have become a complete cycle (I’m betting the owl gets a nice penny in some old vintage boutiques right now) I’ve found myself with pleasure recently (not like that) Art.

Finally my example – my friend Jess recently bought the most beautiful wall hanging in Etsy (as you can see below) and it is full of neons to add a modern cool touch. After seeing this, I was desperate to know more about how these pieces were created – and I was very happy when Himo Art May agreed to stop running out. May did a great job of bringing the macro of the 20th century here and now (the last macromeles became perfect for me), and I was delighted that she decided to look at it – it turned out to be quite complicated – the process. It’s time to Improve your knotting skills, kids!

Things that you need:

  • Rope
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Wooden Breads
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Paint



It can attach dowels to the wall – it uses a removable hook, because it’s a great way to not make holes in the wall.


It can cut the rope into 14 x 4 yard pieces and 2 x 5 yard pieces. It then begins tying the rope to the head nodes of the larvae and compiling the dowel with 5 yard pieces (one at each end) into a book.


The rest can continue with ropes.


Then it makes double half axle knot.


And it goes on and on.


By the end, May begins tying them diagonally across the ropes.


You can add wooden beads here and here before connecting the nodes.


Then each starts to connect the switch nodes using 4 ropes.


Can connect 8 of them.


It then adds the node (as before) to the double half node.


And he brings them crosswise.


You can add more beads and bring the knots to the end.


It can then cut the ends of the rope.


Covers a portion of the dowel ends to paint and add a hint of neon (a woman from my own heart!)


Finally, he adds a watermelon pop to the end of the rope.


And there, hung a magnificent macrame wall. I can appreciate the work that goes into these pieces – not a craft for withered or ham!