DIY Rainbow Colored Patch Entrelac Patterned Mesh Socks

I Greetings Creative Ideas! If you like knitting, you’ll love these beautiful rainbow-colored patch socks. The technique used here is called the Entrelac knitting technique. With this technique, you can make very nice and colorful patches socks. There is another pattern in Ravelry (true rainbow color!) Where you can find a very special design of Entrelac knitted socks. What makes it so unique is that the colored Entrelac pieces (patches) pass over all the toes and toes. You can take this idea further to create your own knitting design.

Update 02/14/2015: Most of our readers wanted Entrelac socks knitting patterns. In the end, we can prepare a spectacular list of 12 Entrelac socks knitting patterns for you to enjoy and do. You can change the color of the thread to create your design. Happy knitting!

If you are new to Entrelac braid, there are two video tutorials for beginners from YouTube to get started. Enjoy!