DIY Rustic Pasta Christmas Ornament

Üveg golyó + rusztikus fűzőszál = egyedi medál! DIY Rustic Pasta Christmas OrnamentDIY Rustic Pasta Christmas Ornament
Just around the corner, Christmas, I was looking at the Zara Home Christmas collection the other day, and a simple yet impressive Red Jute Bauble that resembled this country caught my eye as soon as possible, because this year, my Christmas décor was more rustic. , return to roots theme. Now you know I’m keen on a masterfully crafted Christmas decor, but $ 16.90 is pretty steep just for a Christmas decoration. But then I thought, bekle Wait a minute, I can do it and less!. I did so because I was not only in the budget, but also because I was very resourceful, and I fell in love with the simple macre pattern of this gorgeous and heavy Christmas ornament from Zara Home.
Now that this handmade macramé Christmas ornament simply looks amazing, it’s exactly the same as the original inspiring picture, the perfect picture I can add, great for unforgettable family photos around the Christmas tree, I’m happy to share with you the steps of creating this simple yet distinctive rustic macaron ornament on your own with spectacular effects. But of course, depending on the size of your Christmas tree, you can do as much as you want. I created 6 of them, which was less than $ 16 in total ($ 10.88 for six red ornaments and $ 4.66 for twine). Now is that great? But most importantly, the whole process of bringing this handmade Christmas tree decoration together was not a fun and perfect family experience.
In addition, it takes only 15 minutes to create each ornament because it was extremely easy to do and do something else time-consuming. Of course, it would be much easier if your precious little helpers were around m The creation of this simple but demanding ornament will increase your children’s imagination and creativity, and will be a caring and rewarding family activity in the holiday spirit.
If you use handmade and especially handmade decorative products for your home, I am sure that my photos will be illustrative, but only if I offer a DIY training. The materials and tools needed for this Christmas ornament (picture # 1) are nothing more than fantasy, because you only need red Christmas ornament (you can use the old ornament to make more money and you can also choose the other color if you want, The ideal choice for effects), if you don’t even have a pair of scissors in your home, you can buy twine or fine jute from your local craft store.
1. Start by cutting 7 twine equal to the length; more specifically, each twine or jute piece should be 31.5 inches.
2. Use a piece of string rope to attach to the macromeda and place it horizontally. Using another twine piece, place a twine ring on the piece used as the anchor and tilt it; then pull the length of the string along the loop. Repeat this step with the other five tracks. Now gently pull to pull down each knot. They should look as if they are hanging from the horizontal string (see Figure # 2).
3. Using all six strings, place another stitch on the anchor piece, tilt it and pull the length of the six strings together along the stitch (see Figure # 3). Gently pull to connect a firm knot. The final result should resemble a flower (see Figure 4).
4. At this point, you will notice that all six strings are in pairs; Take a rope from a pair and a rope from an adjacent pair and throw a strong knot. Continue until each array connects a square node using the string. Then round another macro in the same way; Use a rope of each pair tied in the previous round, so that the nodes follow a gradual pattern. Repeat vertically until 4 rows of knots have been cut (minus minus # 3 on the ring in the picture).
5. Once all the knots are strongly tied, pull this reel around the red trim.
6. Now make a wrapped knot using all 8 string strings together.
7. Take one string of string and wrap the twine in half of the 7 twine (from which you can hang the ornament) just before winding them, then finish with a knot.
Remember that the art of Macramé lies in the proper knot. Imagine how this handmade Christmas ornament combines simplicity with a rustic feel, with the rest of your Christmas tree decor. I hope you’il have fun creating this makarme ornament yourself, I know it.
Melina Divani
Melina Divani is the owner and creator of Interior Design is endless passion for everlasting. Follow Melina on Instagram
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Macrame Feather Bag Jewelry


How to make macrame feather bag charms


  • macrame yarn
  • sharp scissors
  • wood beads
  • comb


I’ve grown quite a lot of my bag jewelry because I want to make a statement and I love them that way. Remember, my tassels are all pretty big. It’s just the way I like it. If it’s not your job, then you can definitely make them smaller.

I started using a piece of macrame yarn about 20 inches long. Fold it in half and place it on a clean surface as shown below.

You also need two pieces of yarn that are 8 inches long and folded in half.

One of the short sequences should be placed under the longer track as shown in the photo below. You can see the entire stream in my video above.

Place the other short rope on top and pass the ends over the tops. This is actually called a square node.

Pull all of them firmly and push the knot into the desired area so that the ends are the same length.


Then knot the base / end of the long string so that the square node can shift from the bottom.

After that you need to keep stacking square knots to get the length you want.

I made my feathers 10 to 12 inches long.

After completing the stacking of the square nodes, you need to remove and scan the macrame thread.

I like to do this part while watching a Netflix show. It calms me down. I know… Weird im

After going all over the macrame feather, you should end up with something you see below.

Now it’s time for a haircut to give a feather shape for wallet jewelry.

Finally you can slip a wooden bead on the end of the rope.

And here you have a very large macrame bag hammer.