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FREE! Schnittmuster & Anleitung: Spitzenreißverschluss’ “Sally”
Top 20 DIY Sites on the Internet
Saturday, February 26th, 2011, 6:06 pm by Site Manager

DIY offers a great way to take personal projects and make your own business. Although DIY focuses primarily on home improvement, DIY ethics is spreading to art, technology and much more. Check out these categories and more on our list of precise DIY sites where you’ll be inspired to do something and get inspired.

Arts & Crafts

Whether you want to learn how to make your own macro lens or just find a weave pattern, these sites will have what you’re looking for.

Make Your Own Photo: Learn how to look at this site and create your own studio equipment.
Deer Love: Check out the DIY clothing, arts and crafts on this site.
Max Now: Max Now offers a great source for art and DIY.
Do It Yourself: Use this site to design your own books, T-shirts and more.
Photojojo: See Photojojo to find fun photography pirates and DIY projects.
Earn Money Not Art: Browse DIY art projects and more on this site.
Craftster: Find out what other masters do in these forums.
Craftform: Show your work and check what others are doing in Craftform.
I-Craft: On this site, you can find your favorite artwork and save them to your art box.
wiseNeedle: Get thread reviews, suggestions and more for trikocars here.
Crafter’s Community: Find seasonal crafts, resources and much more on this site.
Get Crafty: Get Crafty’s forums, how to do it, guides and more cool feasts.
Things to do in Yap’s handicrafts and projects range from seasonal projects to gardening.
Craftown: Visit this creative resource center for numerous projects and courses.
Knitty: Check Knitty for “small parts of wisdom”.
Craftzine: Now think about what to do with Easter Easter Peeps, plastic bags and more.
Stylish Knit: This site offers knitted patterns for clothes that are unlike any of your grandmother’s wardrobe.
My Craft Book: Find easy and fun crafts on this site.