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Top 20 DIY Sites on the Internet
Saturday, February 26th, 2011, 6:06 pm by Site Manager

DIY offers a great way to take personal projects and make your own business. Although DIY focuses primarily on home improvement, DIY ethics is spreading to art, technology and much more. Check out these categories and more on our list of precise DIY sites where you’ll be inspired to do something and get inspired.


Find everything you want to know about hacking gadgets, electronic devices, and more from these sites.

Makezine: Learn how to make your own fun electronic and technology toys with this site.
Repairer Freedom: Check out this site to learn how to replace and repair technical devices.
Hack This Site: Test your hacking skills on the challenges presented on this site.
Popular Mechanics: This online magazine offers information about everything from picking up cars to green life.
I-Hacked: Find new and exciting ways to make technology work for you with I-Hacked.
Gadget Hacks: Browse this site to connect to any site that offers hacker projects.
Layada: Visit this site to find all kinds of fun technology hijackers.
Console Hacks: This site lists some of the best hacking for consoles.
Hacked Gadgets: Visit Hacked Gadgets to learn how to get more out of your gadgets.
Inventgeek: This site offers numerous fun and useful DIY projects, celebrating the re-creation.
DIY: Happy: DIY: Hack gadgets, software and more with happy guides.
Wired How-To Wiki: You will find technical projects, cutters, tricks and tricks on this collaborative site.
Hack a Day: This site has a new hack every day.
MakeUseOf: Examine web apps, tools and more on this DIY site.
DIY Live: Learn how to create and use technology using DIY Live.
Hack N Mode: Take on these awesome segments, modes and projects.
Zedomax: Find super-cool DIYs, cutters and more at Zedomax.