Lawnchair Launcher Beautiful Homescreen Configuration (Download)

You can download and restore the backup file below to apply the same configuration seen on the screenshot. Obviously, you need to download and install Lawnchair Launcher first.



Lawn, Pixel Features to the masses. Lawnchair, an open source project developed by volunteers, has become a de facto option for Android enthusiasts everywhere. New features are regularly added with the promise that Lawnchair will always be FREE and open source.


Download now and be a part of the Grassy Android app screen!



• Google Now integration (requires Lawnfeed plug-in application)
• Oreo shortcuts and notification points on Android
• Icon Pack support
• Variable Icon Size
• Special Grid Size
• Dock Customization
• Customizable Icons (for Nougat and higher)
• BLUUUUUR (Optional Fuzzy User Interface for almost anything)
• And more!


For support, tag us on Twitter (@lawnchairapp), ask at the Telegram Group ( or post your question to the Reddit Community (


It also needs Lawnfeed to activate Google Now:


This application uses the Device Manager permission for optional screen lock functionality.


Download Links

Lawnchair Backup File

One UI Icon Pack (Playstore)

Lawnchair Launcher (Playstore)