Macrame peacock feather earrings * • .¸ tasarlanmış Designed and made with good feelings and love by Crafty Margie ♡ …

Macrame peacock feather earrings * • .¸ tasarlanmış Designed and made with good feelings and love by Crafty Margie ♡ ¸. • * * • .¸ için For women in a unique and alternative style ♡ ¸. • * Sizing and materials ▸ Length: 5.5cm / 2.1 inches ▸ Width: 4.5cm / 1.7 inches inDrop length: 6.5cm / 2.5 inches üksekHigh quallityConoce to TheCraftyMargie
Margarita Stamouli
The linhasita I used to make my jewelry. It is an equally waxed, high quality waxed polyester cord, so there is no inconsistency in my designs and the jewelery retains its shape. You can wash my jewelry with warm water (maximum 60 ° C) and delicate soap. Remove the semi-precious stone jewelry while bathing! Many semi-precious stones are porous. Porous stones absorb liquids they come into contact with, so never immerse them in water and avoid household chemicals as this will cause stains and discoloration. If necessary, wipe them with a clean, damp cloth, then dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth.
All of my gems have floating knots, so they can be adjusted and matched to any size.
You will find additional information in the description of each list.
I love working on special orders! If there’s anything you want me to do for you, send me a message!
You can choose the stone, the color of the cable and the findings.
I can change any of my designs (available and sold) just for you.
I will do my best to meet your expectations! 🙂
Once I’ve agreed in the details, I’ll send you a link to the private listing and I’ll work on your order as soon as the payment is cleared.
I do not accept refunds for private and personal orders.
The time I need to prepare the order is 1-3 days.
All orders are sent by registered mail. The tracking number is included in the shipping notification email.
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Monitors have a wide range of settings. It is important to understand that the computer monitor you are using determines the specific colors to display. Different monitors will have slightly different contrast and color ratio settings. Your desktop and laptop can give you slightly different color representations of the same material. Therefore, the colors that each customer sees on a computer screen do not accurately reflect the colors of the cables 100%. They will be very, very close, but there will be changes.
CraftyMargie’s macrame peacock earrings are made with flawless workmanship. Design was a simple, balanced but dynamic combination of various elements integrated with beauty. The color selection of these particular earrings was also striking, but not overbearing. The earrings came with the postman from Greece on time and signed to ensure that the package was delivered to the right recipient and signed; I compliment the artist who designed and made the earrings. Most importantly, my wife was captivated by her beauty.

Macrame Feather Bag Jewelry


How to make macrame feather bag charms


  • macrame yarn
  • sharp scissors
  • wood beads
  • comb


I’ve grown quite a lot of my bag jewelry because I want to make a statement and I love them that way. Remember, my tassels are all pretty big. It’s just the way I like it. If it’s not your job, then you can definitely make them smaller.

I started using a piece of macrame yarn about 20 inches long. Fold it in half and place it on a clean surface as shown below.

You also need two pieces of yarn that are 8 inches long and folded in half.

One of the short sequences should be placed under the longer track as shown in the photo below. You can see the entire stream in my video above.

Place the other short rope on top and pass the ends over the tops. This is actually called a square node.

Pull all of them firmly and push the knot into the desired area so that the ends are the same length.


Then knot the base / end of the long string so that the square node can shift from the bottom.

After that you need to keep stacking square knots to get the length you want.

I made my feathers 10 to 12 inches long.

After completing the stacking of the square nodes, you need to remove and scan the macrame thread.

I like to do this part while watching a Netflix show. It calms me down. I know… Weird im

After going all over the macrame feather, you should end up with something you see below.

Now it’s time for a haircut to give a feather shape for wallet jewelry.

Finally you can slip a wooden bead on the end of the rope.

And here you have a very large macrame bag hammer.