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I bought this item as an anniversary gift for my wife. Excellent customer service. I was able to complete and send the same item on the day I placed my order. The item looked the same as the photo. My wife really liked the gift.
Our gallery / showroom is located in northwestern Missouri, 15 miles from Bethany.
Our CEOs (Canine Executive Officers) Molly and Annie
Antler Basket
Fiber and Wood – My Passion and Love
I grew up on a small Iowa farm in the US midwest. My parents raised popcorn and were entrepreneurs before the word was invented. My first six classes were spent in a one-room country school. I rode for fun, explored the countryside, and played with my cats and dogs. I didn’t believe in babies.
My grandmother was a tailor. She made all my clothes and even clothes for my babies (I said I didn’t believe in babies? But the clothes fit some cats). It was very interesting to visit my grandmother Rice and see her in the sewing room with her dummy, all the fabrics and sewing materials! Some of your creative talent inspired me because I’m doing something soon.
I still live in the Midwest, but in Missouri. My husband and I live in a farm on the way from town. It’s just what we love! Surrounded by fields, streams, forests and pastures, it keeps us grounded on the beauty and workmanship of God.
My husband is also a creative kind. He has been designing and building rustic furniture and accessories for 30 years. Stepping into his workshop, smelling freshly cut wood shavings and seeing the wonderful patina in the finished pieces. He gave me the back room to use for my own little wooden projects … candle holders, wall hooks, wine plugs and other things I dreamed of. In my Etsy store you will see some of John’s pieces, including chairs and wall coverings.
Etsy was a dream come true. I can create and sell it from my rural and isolated house; The world is at my fingertips!
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Marcia Whitt
Owner, Designer, Creator, Public Relations, Shipping
I’m a staple artist. I love the look and feel of the fibers, from the softest silk fabric to the most demanding ribbon tapes. I knit baskets, sew clothes and hats, produce felt bags, and I am always ready for the next adventure of a new fiber experience!
Stacy Whitt
Designer, Collaborator
Our daughter Stacy, an artist and designer, creates great leather bags and accessories and turns vintage outfits into amazing artworks. Etsy shop stacyleigh.
John Whitt
Rustic Furniture Designer and Creator
Since 1982 John has been creating rustic furniture and accessories. A master of art DNA and meticulous. In addition to other works, you will see furniture, wall images and spheres in our store.
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Welcome to Bent Tree Gallery, a shop of various items but with an associated theme: the desire to create something unique and refreshing, with predetermined materials that are often of little value to others. Every item is handmade by me and something I really like to do. So every product purchased from me contains part of my life.
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Return Policy: The product must be returned in the same packaging and in the condition it was received within 14 days from the shipping date. The customer is responsible for returning shipping charges. Original payment, minus shipping, will be returned within 48 hours after receiving the returned product.
I accept Direct Checkout via Etsy with PayPal.
I usually ship by US postal service, and I use the most economical option to reduce shipping costs for my customers. If you want your items to be insured or need expedited shipping, I would be happy to do so at your expense.
I will gladly investigate shipments outside the US. Just let me know where you are, and I’il see what I can do. Wherever you are, I would love to have you take a piece of my work!
Additional policies and FAQ
I want you to be happy with your shopping. If you are not satisfied with your order, contact me immediately.
Custom orders are welcome. Let me know what you think and I will respond to you immediately. However, custom orders can cause sales to be finalized. I aim to please the customer … I love what I do and I want from you!
Bringing macromeles of the 20th century here and now

I have to admit that until recently, the list of things I want to hang on my macrame walls will be at the end – when I grew up, it brought back memories of the moldy brown pieces I found in dozens of thrift stores. A particular macrame find – an owl made of twine – comes to mind. However, if you take the time to them, as proof that the flavors and trends have become a complete cycle (I’m betting the owl gets a nice penny in some old vintage boutiques right now) I’ve found myself with pleasure recently (not like that) Art.

Finally my example – my friend Jess recently bought the most beautiful wall hanging in Etsy (as you can see below) and it is full of neons to add a modern cool touch. After seeing this, I was desperate to know more about how these pieces were created – and I was very happy when Himo Art May agreed to stop running out. May did a great job of bringing the macro of the 20th century here and now (the last macromeles became perfect for me), and I was delighted that she decided to look at it – it turned out to be quite complicated – the process. It’s time to Improve your knotting skills, kids!

Things that you need:

  • Rope
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Wooden Breads
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Paint



It can attach dowels to the wall – it uses a removable hook, because it’s a great way to not make holes in the wall.


It can cut the rope into 14 x 4 yard pieces and 2 x 5 yard pieces. It then begins tying the rope to the head nodes of the larvae and compiling the dowel with 5 yard pieces (one at each end) into a book.


The rest can continue with ropes.


Then it makes double half axle knot.


And it goes on and on.


By the end, May begins tying them diagonally across the ropes.


You can add wooden beads here and here before connecting the nodes.


Then each starts to connect the switch nodes using 4 ropes.


Can connect 8 of them.


It then adds the node (as before) to the double half node.


And he brings them crosswise.


You can add more beads and bring the knots to the end.


It can then cut the ends of the rope.


Covers a portion of the dowel ends to paint and add a hint of neon (a woman from my own heart!)


Finally, he adds a watermelon pop to the end of the rope.


And there, hung a magnificent macrame wall. I can appreciate the work that goes into these pieces – not a craft for withered or ham!