Quick and easy free crochet pattern for a nice spa like crochet wash cloth. Seeing Spirals …

Quick and easy free crochet pattern for a nice spa like crochet wash cloth. Spirals fiber that acts. #crochetwashcloth #crochetforbathSeeing Spirals Fiber New Crochet Patterns
Every year my grandmother bought a knitted cloth from a friend. He was very upset about how much he loved the texture and soft feeling of cotton fiber. This year I wanted to make a diaper to annoy him. I think I’m on the mark with Seeing Spirals Washcloth.
His birthday is just around the corner and I’ve designed these diapers just for him. I wanted to be easy to create, have great texture and be unique. This cloth has a different texture on both sides and a fun spiral effect.
The spiral in this piece suggests the spirals on the shells. The spiral is formed by working in a continuous round using half pairs of clamps on the third ring. If you are not familiar with working in the third cycle, see my video tutorial. This technique gives the hand cloth a fine texture. Pack it with some handmade soaps or sugar brushes and it will give you a cheerful ‘gift to yourself’ for every occasion.
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I used a lot of cotton this summer and I really liked the multicolored look of Premier Cotton Home Cotton. I decided to continue this project. This cotton is soft and has a good stitch definition. Perfect for used items too.
See Spirals Fiber Pattern
1 Premier Yarn Strawberry Home Cotton
H size 5.0mm crochet hook
Thread Needle
Sewing Marker
Stitches and Abbreviations
The pattern was written using US terms.
MC – Magic Circle or Magic Ring
Sc- Single hook
Inc – Increase (2 Half Double crochet in next stitch)
HDC – half double crochet
Slst – Slip Stitch
R – Row or Round
FO – Close
These cloths are 7 inches in diameter. If you choose, you can use a 5.5 mm crochet hook and achieve a larger fiber. A fiber used roughly half a piece of cotton yarn.
Starting from Round 2, you will always enter the third cycle. This can be found by turning the job towards you. There will be a horizontal bar in the middle of the middle of the seam.
Use a stitch mark to mark the first stitch of the line you are working on.
On each line, I will ask you to repeat the stitch sequence in parentheses until you reach the stitch pointer. If you want to count, you will repeat each sequence 9 times.
R1: Make 9 Hdc in MC,
R2: Do not turn or participate. Working in the same direction and in the third cycle increases in each of the next 9 stitches. (Don’t forget to place your stitch pointer on your first stitch and move it on each line.)
R3: (hdc in the next stitch, 2 hdc in the next stitch), repeat from (to) until you reach the sewing pointer at the first stitch of this sequence.
R4: (hdc in the next 2 stitches, 2 hdc in the next stitch) repeat between (and) until you reach the stitch pointer on the first stitch of this sequence.
R5: (hdc in the next 3 stitches, 2 hdc in the next stitch), repeat between (and) until you reach the stitch mark on the first stitch of this sequence.
R6: (next 4 stitches hdc, next stitch 2 hdc) repeat from (to) until you reach the stitch mark on the first stitch of this line.
R7: (next 5 stitches hdc, next stitch 2 hdc) repeat from (to) until you reach the stitch mark on the first stitch of this line.
R8: (next 6 stitches hdc, next stitch 2 hdc) repeat from (to) until you reach the stitch mark on the first stitch of this line.
R9: (hdc in the next 7 stitches, 2 hdc in the next stitch) repeat from (to) until you reach the stitch mark on the first stitch of this sequence.
R10: Go to next 2 stitches, next 2 to FO. Knit on your end.
Your Visible Spirals fiber is complete! Wasn’t that fast and easy? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Do you like my quick and easy Thursday patterns?
If you make a blindfold fiber, I would love to see a picture! Send it to any social media and send me @windingroadcrochet or #windingroadcrochet! Tag as! I’d love to see your work!
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Starrlynn Martin
Explanation: When you say 3hdc inc Lütfen, you mean 3hdc plus 1hdc in one stitch. If so, mine is a lot of Lacey, roughly leveled as your photo shows. Please explain a little more to me. Tx

I wanted to do a tutorial and finally decided on this little macrame bracelet. It is based on the knotted bracelets you see in tourist shops. It is very easy to do and you can design it to suit your style, depending on the beads and beads you choose. They also offer great gifts due to the adjustable length of the sliding buckle.

As long as the bead holes are large enough to accommodate two cords, almost any type of cords and cords work. Only one node is used along a simple square node. The sliding buckle is as simple as finishing, and the whole project can do what you want in part of American Idol or the TV.

You’ll need a few simple things:

  • 4 meter cable (I used C-Lon Tex 400 for this demo)
  • 8 or more beads depending on the length of the bracelet
  • 2 small beads for rockers
  • 3 straight pins
  • scissors
  • Needle tip for finishing needle (has round ballpoint tip)
  • Needle Tip Jewelry Pliers (Optional)

1)Cut the 2-piece strap up to 24,, hold it together and clip about 8 clipboard boards from one end. These will be fill cables. I use a shade of lavender for my stuffing cords.

Cut a piece of cord about 2 meters long. This knot will become ropes. Normally I use the same color cable for both fill and knot cords, but for this demo only, I use a dark purple shade for knot cords. Locate the center of the knot cord, slide it under the filler cables and secure it to the foamcore panel. We will now start to work with square knots with knot cords on the filler cables.

2) I use the right hand, so I usually start with the cable on the right side of the filler cables. Place the fill cords horizontally on the right to form a ring on the right. Take the cable on the left and place it on the horizontal cable, then lift it up under the cables and with the ring on the right. Pull out both knot cables and tighten. This is 1/2 of the square node.

3) Repeat step 2, but take the left cord and place it horizontally on the filler cables that form a loop on the left. Take the right cord and place it on the horizontal cord, then turn it under all the cables and top to left. Pull out both knot cables and tighten. You just made a full-frame knot.

4) After each 3 to 5 square knots, continue to make square knots and place a bead on the filler cables. The number of nodes depends on the size of the cord, the size of the beads, and the fact that many nodes look nice to you. Continue this pattern to the desired length. Note that the sliding clamp will add approximately ″ add.

When you’re done, thread a knot of thread into your needle and sew it to the center as far as possible. If you have problems, use a pair of jewelery pliers to pull your needle. If you find that your knots are too tight and you cannot thread the entire cord, remove the 3-ply cord and sew each thread separately. After properly sewing both knot cables, cut off any excess.

5) Then we make the buckle. Circle your work and hold it together by loosely tying it with a small amount of cord close to both sides of the nodes (I used orange). Foamcore pin bracelet.

Cut a strap about 12 ″ in length. Just like you did in step 1, slide this cord under the four cords and make square knots on all four cords for the 1/2 cord. Finish ends just like you would with a bracelet. When sewing these tips, avoid putting needles into the cords inserted into the needle.

6) Remove these temporary lanyard bits. There are 2 loose cables protruding from both ends of the buckle section. Hold 2 cords together and form a slip knot, place a bead on both cords, then create another slip knot to hold it in place. Cut the excess. Run and show everyone you know.