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Top 20 DIY Sites on the Internet
Saturday, February 26th, 2011, 6:06 pm by Site Manager

DIY offers a great way to take personal projects and make your own business. Although DIY focuses primarily on home improvement, DIY ethics is spreading to art, technology and much more. Check out these categories and more on our list of precise DIY sites where you’ll be inspired to do something and get inspired.


Check out these sites to find something and do everything DIY.

Make Your Life Yourself: Take a look at the Self-Life project for projects ranging from technology to home improvement.
wikiHow: Visit wikiHow to take advantage of the world’s largest collaboration guide.
Tutorials: Learn how to make projects from your colleagues in Trainable Items.
Hackszine: On Hackszine you’ll find everything from Facebook to dinner.
Tips-n-Tips: Check out this site to find practical information on almost everything here.
SoYouWanna: Find out what you want to do on this referral site.
ReadyMade: In ReadyMade, you’ll learn how to make more items for your home.
Daily DIY: Create and modify your log items to create something awesome on this site.
Yap 101: Check out this site to learn about gardening, technology, health and more.
ElephantStaircase: ElephantStaircase has a wiki and several different project pages.
Learn how to do everything from growing worms to buying sodes.
Do-it-Yourself Chat Room: Although this forum is primarily focused on home improvement, you will find great tips for computer repair, upgrades and automotive repair.
Do It Yourself Channel: Visit the Propeller DIY channel to learn about the Web.
How2pointoh: Examine this blog from owners of magnetic blogs for time-out projects.
Wikia DIY Culture: Find art, crafts, games and more from this source.
DIY Network: Find products, recommendations and more for DIY projects through this network.
HowStuffWorks: Although not just a site, HowStuffWorks will give you the information you need to complete your DIY projects.
eHow: On this site, you will learn how to do almost anything you can imagine.