What to do with your old bra?

Are you a package fee? If so, then this post is definitely for you. You have a closet full of clothes waiting to go through the Project DIY so they can turn into something meaningful. We know there is a small bag filled with your old bras behind your closet, and you should be wondering what to do with old bras that don’t fit from time to time. You couldn’t give them away because the disposal of old bras was very embarrassing. You can’t wear these because the straps are loose or the hooks are rusty. You have no idea what to do with bras that are no longer suitable. So what to do with bras that no longer fit? It’s time to step in and share some old bra DIY tips and tricks with you, from girl to girl.


DIY Old bra ideas
1. use the straps
So, there are belts minus perfect bra that loses its elasticity. You had no choice but to give them a place right behind the closet, because you couldn’t get rid of old bras. How could you do it after spending your blood and sweat on them. You can make a ring to cut the straps you can and add removable bra straps with just a little stitch. That’s it! It is good to go with brand new bras that can be used as a normal bra. Buy some racer back hooks and turn the bras into a racer bra for a full makeover. You are now ready to master the art of cutting old bras

2. Rescue cups
Your favorite padded bra lived glory days and dies somewhere in your drawer, shedding one or two tears upon the death of everything inside. The straps are loose and the side band is worn, but the glasses never gave up. I wonder what other uses for bras can be. It’s not time to portray this bra with some old bra pirates. Cut the glasses out of the bra and sew them into an old blouse or dress, do a makeover. The dress or blouse becomes padded and the bra has a new life.

3. Detachable belts
If you’re wondering what to do with old bras that don’t fit but still have good straps, this hack is just the one to use. If the bra straps are removable, you can always remove them from the bra and use it with other bras with the option to add. Recycling is on our way!

4. use straps
Sew some elegant fabric flowers on the strap and turn into an elastic headband for yourself or your little child. See! There are other stylish uses for bras.

5. For extra support
You can always add extra bra straps to a regular bra to give the back a cross or bra effect. Not only does your bra look edgy, the extra straps give your breasts and back some relief and support. Do you think what to do with bras that are still not suitable? Think less and start working now!

6. Cushion for your heels
Padding inserts on your old bras can be worn inside your painful heels as insoles. You feel great about DIY vintage bra ideas and your heels will definitely thank you.

7. DIY bra storage package
You should keep your padded bras in a box that can support the pads in it well. An old padded bra comes to the rescue if you don’t want to spend to buy this storage pack. Add a zipper or buckle to turn the bra into a box to store the bra.

8. one bra DIY bag
Do you think the old bras will be discarded with padding? Wait and use an old padded bra to make a cute little pouch. Cut the side straps and add a zipper over the cups. The zipper should cover the open sides of the cups. Then use the bra straps as the bag handle. Add some decorations and your cute little bag is ready to use. Use a strong adhesive to fix the bra cups, zipper and handle, because you don’t want the pouch to be poured when you put your belongings.

9. Forgive them
If you don’t want to be that crafty and use this hack. Don’t worry, what to do with old bras in India is to donate bras to some female NGOs or breast cancer support groups who use them to make special bras for breast cancer victims.